Tax Planning & Preparation


Proper Investments

Are you paying more taxes than you have to? From income tax to sales tax and everything in between, as Canadians we pay more than our fair share. A solid tax minimizing strategy will ensure you don’t pay one cent more than is necessary.

Tax Free Savings Accounts




Tax Planning

Talking to a TAXplan TAXpro will help to ensure you’re keeping track of all the right receipts throughout the year.  We can also help you make the right investments to take advantage of any tax deductions and credits.  Some expenses to consider and keep track of through the year include moving expenses, child-care costs, tuition fees, medical expenses, charitable donations and safe deposit box charges to name a few. Not sure which documents or receipts to keep track of?  Our TAXplan TAXprofile will tell you exactly what you need.

Tax Preparation

Often people will confuse tax preparation with tax planning. The two are quite different. A great tax plan is meaningless unless it is accompanied by the perfect tax return. TAXplan, the tax preparation division of WEALTHplan will help you achieve this goal. Whether you have a simple T1 return or a more complex situation with self-employment income, TAXplan is your one-stop shopping tax expert. Do you have to file a US tax return?  No need to go elsewhere – we’ve got you covered on that front as well. Get started today and you’ll be on your way to greater tax savings for tomorrow!