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Set Your Financial Goals for 2019

With the beginning of each new year comes the time we set goals for ourselves. We promise to join a gym – this is the year we’re going to run a half-marathon or learn a new language – this is the year we’re going to work in a foreign country or just be more present […]

Stay On Track of Holiday Spending

With only 8 weeks left for holiday gift buying, shoppers everywhere are flooding the stores looking for that perfect gift. If you’re like me, you start each holiday season with the best intentions by making a list that you swear you’re going to stick to. Procrastination and busy schedules however keep us from sticking to […]

The Skinny on Bitcoin

The financial news has been buzzing with talk about Bitcoin lately. It feels like everywhere you turn – whether it’s social media or your child’s class orientation meet and greet people are talking about this trending topic. Is it just a trend or is Bitcoin to currency what Google is to search engines? WEALTHplan has […]